The Open Ventilator

This respirator exists thanks to the support of dozens of engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and many organizations both public and private that have helped us get here. For that reason, we want this device to get to where it is most needed.

Therefore, there are several ways to collaborate with us to continue increasing the impact:
If you are an organization and want to give us logistical or material support you will be of great help to us in climbing, please contact us here.
- If you are a hospital and need respirators (regardless of country) please contact us as soon as possible through this email.
- If you are a company or foundation and want to support this project, please contact us.
- If you are an individual and want to donate what you can, remember that through this form you can send us your contribution.
- If you want to join our team and help us in whatever you think you can do, please tell us how you can contribute to the team.

What's new after the approval

From the first prototype we built based on Arduino, we incorporated advanced devices to control pressure, PEEP, volume control... All the experience we have gained during the last weeks has allowed us to get the homologation of our respirator and has helped us to improve the safety and effectiveness of the device.

This design, which was the one approved on April 4, and no other, is the only one approved for use in clinical trials. After obtaining a homologation, the device must not be modified, since any future change must be notified for its new homologation.

Due to the lessons learned from the project, we have had to define that this project operates under an open on-demand system. Our priority from the beginning has been to get our respirator to those who need it most as soon as possible.

Open model on demand

We have defined that the collaboration model of our ventilator will be based on an "Open On Demand" model, so if you want to have access to the plans and the code that makes the ventilator work, you must contact us indicating the use you want to give it so that we can study each case and provide the best solution.

We have made this decision based on what we have learned as we have evolved our device over the past few weeks. The main reasons for this model are:

There is a risk that any organization outside of us may appropriate the designs and decide to patent the respirator, with the aim of exploiting it economically, taking advantage of the effort and support that so many people and companies have made altruistically. And what worries us most is that it is impossible for those who need it most to access it.

There is a possibility that some company or state decides to make a collection of the necessary materials to build our device, with its consequent break of stock, which would not allow us to continue manufacturing more devices and would prevent people and countries that really need it from having access to the manufacturing materials.

And finally, because we have some responsibility for our device, we must ensure that each person or entity producing this device meets the health and manufacturing standards required for this kind of medical device, which have also been approved by the health authorities. In this way we can avoid malfunctions that could lead to the death of patients.

If you are interested to stay updated on the project or you want to build your own Open Ventilator, please leave your e-mail
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