Producing safe artificial respirators in the fight against COVID-19

The Open Ventilator

The Open Ventilator is a healthcare approved ventilator designed to assist COVID-19 patients with severe breathing difficulties. This device is intended for use when no suitable alternatives are available, as it is low cost and scalable in production.

For three weeks, we have been working on developing a high-performance automatic device, collaborating with the health authorities to ensure that it works properly. To achieve this, laboratory and in vivo tests have been carried out and will soon be carried out on patients following approval by the LCOE, which is part of the AEMPS.

A project that has been able to move forward in record time thanks to the financial contribution of the Mapfre Foundation and the support of the Community of Madrid and a large business consortium.

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The device is designed to achieve mass-production prioritizing the safety of the COVID-19 patient, shortening production-time, keeping production-costs low and high-availability of required parts. The device has been tested in vivo demonstrating high functionality, versatility, safety and efficiency.

The main challenges

The main problem with Covid-19 is the severe breathing disorder it generates, which requires assisted ventilation and as a result, saturates bed availability in ICUs. Before the crisis, Madrid had about 400 ICU beds. Therefore, the first measures were focused on increasing the supply for ICU respirators due to the shortage caused by the high global demand. 

20% of patients infected by the coronavirus have a significant pulmonary alteration that requires hospitalization. Of these, a large number end up with respiratory failure, which requires ventilatory support. 

Given the high demand for ICU beds, in this extraordinary circumstance, more resources are required to be able to treat all patients.

Hospitals and communities are calling for artificial ventilation equipment in waves. However, there is no stock.

For this reason, hospitals are trying to optimize the use of respirators in ICUs, limiting their use to older patients or those with a lower probability of survival in order to avoid ICU collapse (El Confidencial). 

New York City alone has already estimated that it will need more than 30,000 respirators to cope with the expected influx of sick people.

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Our value proposition

Created with the objective of contributing aid to our communities, we have designed our device following these three principles:


Reliable mechanical structure The Open Ventilator uses certified and tested parts, taking into account fatigue tests to avoid the risk of collapse or putting the patient at risk. 


Decentralization of the procedure for scaling The Open Ventilator materials are homogeneous, offering the same quality without variations in mechanical resistance, in addition to speeding up production. 


It meets the medical requirements.
From the beginning, the team included a group of doctors, scientists and engineers, which allowed them to achieve the health certification in record time.

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Who are we?

The Open Ventilator is an initiative of Celeraa national network of young talent. The materials engineer Javier Gonzalezmember of Celera, with the support of King Juan Carlos University who has made all his resources available to the team so that this project could go ahead in record time, has been the one who has led the project. The project has had the voluntary involvement of a group of medical experts from the 12 de Octubre Hospital.

In total, more than 30 people from different fields such as engineering, medicine, computer science, design, entrepreneurship, legal and data, have joined forces and knowledge in order to create, in three weeks, an approved and functional design in the market.

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